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What Happens When Your Insurance Carrier
Is Also Your Enrollment Partner?

Your Enrollments Grow Easier, Your Planning Gets Smarter, And Your Daily Activities Run More Smoothly. Take Advantage of Single-Source Simplicity With HFX Insurance Services!

Why HFX Insurance Services?

We’re not the risk and reward professionals that your father told you about! We’re the young guns on the block, and we possess an impressive set of tools and bag full of cutting edge insight that is all yours for the taking. We aim to save you money in a number of ways, and help you achieve your business goals along the way. Our dedicated and knowledgeable Risk Management and Rewards Team will help you understand the relationship between risks and rewards, showing you how to attain the proper balance of each, all to achieve your business goals. Our insurance and financial banking card experts partner with you to develop strategies and tactics to fit your unique business model. So let HFX Insurance Services handle the details, so you can focus on more important things - like growing your business and success!

Listen to The Word on The Street...

There’s only one way to earn a good reputation in this business: Provide service so great people can’t help but to talk about it. We’ve done just that, and here’s what people are saying:

Our Employee Benefits Solution

As changes to the health care system are being applied, you need to make sure you and your employees are well informed and smartly prepared. Under the new law, employers will continue to provide healthcare benefits, and individuals will now have requirements as well. HFX Insurance Services provides you and your employees with the necessary tools and recommendations to understand your risks and make the most beneficial decisions for your business model.

Partnering With HFX Insurance Services

Your employees will always be informed! HFX Insurance Services will provide an expert benefits representative for your employees, so they can reach out directly to get the answers they need.

We’ll make the changes to your policy easy to understand! Let’s keep things simple! And clear. While health carriers restructure and introduce new insurance products, it’s important that you and your employees understand the options and how they can benefit you. Consider us an extension of your HR department as we strive to help your employees realize how to use their benefits.

Hit us up with your questions and concerns! If you, or any of your employees, end up in an unusual scenario regarding your health care coverage and aren’t sure what to do, reach out and let us provide the answers! Our 24/7 support team eagerly awaits your coverage questions and will provide you with the answers you need.

Decision making at it’s best! As the healthcare insurance industry continues to change, HFX Insurance Services is committed to helping your employees explore their available options to make intelligent decisions in regards to their insurance benefits. Our reliable and well-informed communications team will always be there for your employees, and will continue to provide answers in relation to the new insurance laws and benefits.

Embrace an Easier Enrollment

We enroll $10 of other carriers’ products for every $1 of our own!

Boost Participation With Our Programs

From ID theft protection to AD&D coverage, our complimentary programs can help lift participation in both core and voluntary while rounding out your clients’ benefits packages.

  • Reward attendance
  • Increase enrollment
  • Generate interest
  • Enhance coverage

  • * Some programs require minimal participation levels

    Face Compliance Issues With Ease

    HFX Insurance Services will give you the help you need to make sure you comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates, and ensure you are prepared for any future changes as well.

    Let’s keep your healthcare coverage affordable!

  • HFX Insurance Services will provide a well defined contribution pricing structure
  • Shop for and compare benefits that fit your company’s business model and culture

  • Have peace of mind and remain compliant!

  • Section 6055/6056 ACA Reporting via IRS Forms 1094-C and 1095-C reporting requirements
  • Respond to any notices and alerts from the Exchange
  • Use the new ACA ‘pay’ or ‘pay less’ rules to determine how many full-time / part-time employees you have

  • Stay informed!

  • HFX Insurance Services will make sure you remain up to date on the latest insurance regulations and guidelines

  • Education, Enrollment, Administration and Integration. We do it all!

    And when we do, both you and your clients save money and enjoy a simpler, more streamlined enrollment process. We offer 1-to-1 benefits counseling in person, over the phone and online with 6,300 national benefit counselors.

    Your Benefits Should be Easy to Manage!

    With the HFX Insurance Services’ Exchange, you can quickly and easily engage your employees, stabilize healthcare costs, keep up to date with compliance, and grow your business with better information.

  • Get the most out of your investment by making sure your employees comprehend, use, and appreciate their benefits. Your business will only run more efficiently with happier and healthy employees.
  • Make the investment in your employees, knowing that group buying spreads your risks and offers greater long-term cost control.
  • Mitigate risks with up to date data, decision-making tools, and a risk and rewards team that is committed to making sure you’re well ahead of any regulatory changes.
  • Convert data into insights. Having the right insights gives you better options and keeps you ahead of the game. And being ahead of the game translates into having key advantages. We’ll make sure you come out a winner!

  • Leverage Our Public Sector Expertise

    We’ve carved out a niche as a public sector expert. Why? Because it’s the most challenging benefits environment we could find. And we know that if our solutions work there, they’ll work for business anywhere.

  • 8 state governments
  • Proven thought leadership
  • Partner to professional organizations at every level of government

  • Featured Services Include:

  • Payroll integration
  • Simplifying operations
  • Benefits system selection & support
  • Claim support & resolution
  • Provider network assistance
  • Benefits enrollment system & administration
  • Billing & eligibility
  • Qualifying event processing
  • Open enrollment
  • Decision support
  • Call center
  • Employee education & communications

  • Simplify Your Product Offerings

    Health plans may be growing more complex, but we’re making it easier to provide coverage with voluntary benefits. Every year, we release new and updated products to keep your clients receiving the coverage they need at prices they can afford.

  • Group or individual
  • Guaranteed issue
  • Rate stable
  • Pretax eligible

  • An Integrated Marketplace for High-Growth Companies

  • Save time and money with our innovative plans that have been designed specifically for high-growth companies.
  • Provide more choices for your employees with direct access to premier healthcare providers and our intuitive advocacy programs.
  • Our easy-to-use tools and powerful reports allow you to automate the admin process.
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of the enrollment process!
  • Come out a winner by staying on top of the tangled compliance game!

  • Simple Benefits Administration

  • Acquiring benefits for companies with 50-300 employees is difficult and time consuming! With HFX Insurance Services, you can choose from the industry’s most innovative benefits programs, and manage your entire insurance product in one simple platform.

  • Premier Risk Pools

  • The HFX Insurance Services’ Exchange provides a unique purchasing solution by grouping your business with other companies who share a similar demographic.

  • An Enhanced Employee Experience

  • Provide an enhanced shopping experience for your employees, with insightful decision support. Grant them the option to manage their insurance benefits from any device, anytime and anywhere.

  • More Information

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