HFX is a Healthcare and Financial Solutions Provider.

Company Overview

HFX Partners provides a new generation healthcare services platform for those who use health services, those who provide health services, and those who pay for health services. The Platform integrates three basic components:

  • Insurance Services - Self-funded plans for employer groups

  • Distribution Support Coalition - Support includes 50,000 GA/brokers, 24 hr. Call Center with 400+ operators

  • Financial Payment Platform - Virtual Payments designed to link insurance and medical expense to everyday spending for earning reward points, cash-back, and rebates.

Platform Features1: HFX payment cards are Bank of America issued with discounts from favorite retailers

Insurance Features2: Lower Pre-Obamacare pricing with insurance premium cash-back and rebates

Market Opportunity

Under new government administrative directives, legislators are removing government interference from healthcare and returning control back to the private sector, in an effort to lower insurance costs.

During Obamacare, over 60% of employers no longer offer ESI (Employer Sponsored Insurance). HFX has set up a new insurance agency, representing over 300 insurers with lower health insurance options for consumers, and a captive insurance division to establish group rates for small employers to improve ESI.

The new policies will be linked to a virtual payment platform with financial incentives enhancing eligibility ID cards. The captive insurance company will leverage IRS tax advantages for employers and employees. A digital wallet is attached to each insurance ID card to facilitate healthcare clearinghouse transactions. The HFX captive insurance division is being managed by AON. AON is a global professional services firm that provides risk, retirement and health consulting with approximately 500 offices worldwide, serving 120 countries with 69,000 employees.

The HFX insurance broker network currently services over 6 million insureds. Recently, HFX was approved by the HHS as a SAM (System Award Management) contractor, qualified to receive government contracts.

1. All reward points can be redeemed to pay for co-payments, as an example. Includes merchant rebates and cash-back.

2. Special non-Obamacare lower rates to Out-of-pocket Expenses i.e. deductibles, co-insurance, co-payments etc.

Administration Description

Employee Navigator
HFX has designed a new HR measurement tool; The Employee Navigator Portal. The portal provides employee enrollment and an HR management benefits platform for employers, brokers, and employees that can measure HR management effectiveness through its analytics.

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WellPay Logo
WellPay is a new virtual payment platform that upgrades insurance ID cards. Cards are issued by Bank of America and processed by FIS Global. Cardholders receive discounts from thousands of retailers, and can collect reward points that can be redeemed to pay co-payments. Other options include cash-back and merchant rebates.

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Payment Platform Tools

An enhanced “Healthcare ID Card” that simplifies payments, verifies eligibility, manages health care services, and earns reward points to help control costs with financial incentives.

Our service-oriented Open Payment Framework (OPF) facilitates the entire transaction value chain while enhancing and enriching payments information.

The WellPay product is a real-time, open loop network designed as a collaborative industry wide solution, one that delivers on the Federal Reserve’s call for speed, security, efficiency, and interoperability.

Valued Partners

HFX continues to grow and find new success with it's group of strategic alliances and valued partners. We have teamed up with some of the largest names in the health care and financial industries.

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More Information

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