Introducing The HFX WellPay Program: A First and Only of It’s Kind.

Freedom... Like never before!

The HFX WellPay Card is a payment card series with health plan features. Unlike other rewards cards in the marketplace, The HFX WellPay Cards combine daily spending with healthcare! A complimentary HSA account comes with each HFX-issued card as well.

The Healthcare Financial Card offers unparalleled cash-back bonus points, rebates and discounts on your healthcare payments and everyday spending.

You can enjoy flexible access to your Healthcare Financial Card account with an easy-to-use mobile app, FREE 24/7 customer services and online management tools.

Best of all, there is no credit check required to get the cash-back rewards card today!

HFX WellPay Card primary functions:

  • It provides eligibility and identification
  • It can be used towards paying medical bills and healthcare premiums
  • It can be used as an alternative or a replacement for other debit/credit cards, and will earn you valuable reward points and cash-back from thousands of your favorite retailers. Points can be redeemed for co- payments, and cash-back earned on ALL transactions.
  • Unlike other payment cards today, HFX WellPay Cards can rebate a portion of the healthcare premiums paid with HFX Insurance policies.
Healthcare Financial Cards are issued as an upgrade to manage healthcare deductibles, co-payments, and out-of-pocket expenses. They are designed as combo patient payment and health eligibility cards, allowing them to bridge the Banking and Healthcare Industries. As a Health card, HFX has negotiated to drive health insureds to retailers in exchange for cash-back discounts.