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Is a Self-Funded Insurance Program Right For You?

Why not take advantage of the savings and benefits - and turn your insurance program into an investment?

HFX Reaches New Heights With Employee Navigator!

The most sophisticated benefits and HR management tool for employers, employees and brokers.

HFX and The WellPay Payment Card Find New Success!

The HFX WellPay Card is a payment card series with health plan features. Unlike other rewards cards in the marketplace, The HFX WellPay™ Cards combine daily spending with healthcare!

They are designed as combo patient payment and health eligibility cards, allowing them to bridge the Banking and Healthcare Industries. As a Health card, HFX has negotiated to drive health insureds to retailers in exchange for cash-back discounts.

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The HFX companies continue to evolve its products and services for the healthcare and financial banking card industries. Browse through our available white papers and informative corporate documents to see what's new!

Take The Lead With HFX Risk Management Services.

The operations of the HFX Captive Insurance Company is similar to those of a traditional insurer except HFX specializes in providing new group rates to small businesses.

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HFX continues to find success with it's strategic alliance partners! HFX has teamed up with some of the most respected names in the healthcare and financial industries to increase our capabilities and solutions.

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